Strategic objectives

Some of the objectives for the establishment of Sekhukhune Development Agency include:

Acting as a special purpose vehicle for the enhancement of economic growth, investment and prosperity throughout Sekhukhune District;
Facilitate economic development, job creation, poverty alleviation and municipal revenue enhancement throughout Sekhukhune District;
Strengthen key economic clusters to take advantage of growth and development throughout Sekhukhune District;
Development Agency for the entirety of Sekhukhune District;
Investment proceeds to ploughed back for the benefit of their entire Sekhukhune District; and
A special purpose vehicle with functional autonomy, ring-fenced accountability and governance.

Nature of business

Proactively identify, package, drive, coordinate and promote catalytic investment opportunities and projects throughout Sekhukhune District;
Foster and facilitate effective entrepreneurial development, private sector participation and partnerships on selected projects, on mutually acceptable and agreed upon terms;
Focus on key, strategic, high impact, catalytic and high yielding projects;
Act as strategic partner to local entrepreneurs and the broader private sector on selected projects;
Acting as Project Development, Project Management and Project Implementation Agent for all municipalities within Sekhukhune District;

Business model

Sekhukhune Development Agency’s activities broadly span all the areas of the project development life cycle illustrated below:


All Sekhukhune Development Agency’s projects are taken through each of the stages set out above.

Each project is recognised and treated according to where exactly it is on the project development life cycle.

Each stage of the above project development life cycle requires specific effort and a defined nature of activities, responsibilities and expectations.

Strategic focus areas

Give the socioeconomic profile of Sekhukhune District, the Development Agency will pay particular attention to the following strategic areas:


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